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Bluetti AC200P

Written by Chris on November 17, 2021


Review of the Bluetti AC200P

Updated on: 29 November 2023 

– At A Glance –

Plenty of Power

With 2000W of continuous power and a surge of 4800W, you can power lots of equipment.

Fast Charging

5 charging methods give you the maximum i versatility in keeping your equipment operational.

17 Outlets

A large number of outlets to give you the flexibility not to have to keep swapping out multiple items.

LiFePO4 Battery

Known for an excellent safety profile and more stable chemistry when compared to other Li-ion batteries.

One of the more powerful power stations you can buy

The AC200P power station packs some serious power, which is amply reflected in its imposing weight but compact size. It’s one of the top models in Bluetti’s excellent range of premium portable power stations, all of which have been carefully designed by top engineers who combine advanced technology in energy storage with the best and most durable components.

A befitting number of output ports

Bristling with outputs, you’ll be hard pressed to find such an impressive and versatile power station which is perfect for both outdoor recreational use and indoors when faced with a power outage or other incident.

Safer lithium (LiFePO4) battery technology

This updated model uses of LiFePO4 rechargeable battery technology, found in high-power applications, means they are safer in terms of overheating and have a longer lifecycle.

Fast AC Recharge

There are 5 ways to charge the unit, AC wall outlet, solar panel(s), car lighter socket, a generator, and a lead acid battery. Using 2 AC wall outlets at the same time cuts the charging time down to just 3 hours (Note: you will need to obtain a second adapter to fully benefit from the faster charging).

Bluetti AC200P Recharge
Bluetti AC200P Solar

Fast Solar Charging

Available separately are various models of solar panels, including the Bluetti SP120 (120W) and the SP200 (200W) – paid links. A maximum 700W solar input allows for a full recharge potentially within just 3-3.5 hours.

Multiple Outlets and a Touch Screen

It comes with a full 17 Output ports which include 6x120V 2000W (4800W Peak) Pure Sine Wave and a regulated 12V DC output, so you can safely connect a multitude of devices, such as cameras, tablets smartphones, at the same time. The excellent LCD Touch Screen allows you to adjust the output voltage, frequency, charging mode, power consumption mode and time information.

Bluetti AC200P Outlets
Power Durations

Powering Basic Essentials

At the heart of the AC200P is a higher output and larger capacity 2000Wh/2000W LiFePO4 battery, so you can also depend on it to power some of your more power hungry appliances during an outage or other emergency.

You can find more information in the User Guide for this model.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use this with another AC200P in parallel?

No, unfortunately there is no possibility for you to connect two of these power stations in parallel as is possible with some portable inverter generators such as the Champion Model 100692.

Is it possible to use other solar panels with the AC200P?

Yes, you can use third-party solar panels provided they have MC4 connectors, and on the condition that when wired together the voltage is between 35V to 150V and a maximum of 700W.

Can I use a 200W Solar Panel with this model?

Yes, in fact Bluetti make several panels. The 200W model (the SP200) is ideal. Other models from other brands may be used, as noted above.

What limitations does this model have?

Ensure appliances are within the power rating of the unit by noting the running wattages of your appliances. Only connect a combination that fall within the AC200P’s limits. Some appliances have a much higher (peak) starting power than the nominal figure. While this model has a peak rating of 4800W, you should not exceed a total continuous power of 2000W.

Can I use the power station while it is on charge?

Yes, the AC200P supports pass-through charging.

How often should I use the power station?

Using the power station at least once every six months will ensure a prolonged battery life.

Bluetti AC200P Manufacturer Specifications

Laptop (60w)28Hrs+
Led Lantern Light (10w)170+Hrs
CPAP (60w)28+Hrs
Fan (12w)140Hrs+
LCD TV( 100w)17+Hrs
Input: AC AC Adapter (Included): 500W
Car Charger (Included): 12V/ 24V
Solar Panel:(Not included): 35-150v/Max.700W,Max12A
Outputs (17):6*AC110V AC outlet(pure sine-wave)
2* DC 12V/3A
2*12V/3A DC-Ports
4*5V/3A USB-A
1*PD 60W USB-C Faster Charge (5V/3A, 9V/3A, 12V/3A,15V/3A, 20V/3A)
2*Wireless Charging (Single Output Max 15W)
Cell ChemistryLiFePo4
Pack Capacity:2000W/40Ah
Lifecycles: 3500+ Cycles
Management System: 'MPPT' Charge Controller, Low Battery Protection
Shelf-Life: Charge Every 3-6 Months
Net Weight: 60.6lbs
Size: (inches)16.5 * 11 * 15.2
Warranty:24 Months
Operating Temperature:0-40°C/32°F-104°F>
Battery Management System (BMS)Short Circuit Protection, Voltage and Temperature Control
LCD ScreenCharge/Discharge And Battery Life Status
Switch With Indicator Light For On/Off Output Port Charging
Article written by Chris

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