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Golabs R150
Written by Chris on November 16, 2021

Review of the Golabs R150

Updated on: 15 April 2023 

Review of the Golabs R150

- At A Glance -

Light Weight

Weighing just 5.5lbs the Golabs R150 is a power station you can take just about anywhere.

LiFeP04 Battery

Fitted with an upgraded lithium battery offering you improved safety and convenience.

Solar Charging

Built-in MPPT to keep devices powered almost indefinitely with the Golabs 60W Solar Panel.

Safer and longer life battery technology

The R150 from Golabs is equipped with an upgraded LiFePO4 battery, a more stable variety of lithium battery, both thermally and chemically, which offers you improved battery safety. It also enables over 2000 cycles and more than 10 years battery life.

Light weight and small in size

The unit is light (5.5lbs) and compact enough (7.5 x 6.7 x 4.7 inches) to be taken virtually anywhere, so you can keep equipment, such as a smart phone, camera, drone, laptop, charged, always bearing in mind that the AC output supports up to a maximum of 160W.

Clean and virtually silent operation free from fumes like carbon monoxide

With the virtually silent operation of power station technology, you won't have to worry about fuel storage, toxic carbon monoxide fumes, and noise as it delivers the cleanest of outputs, meaning sensitive electronics will be safe.


Golabs have a 1-year warranty on this product.

Multiple Outlets

For such a compact unit there are plenty of output ports, so you can always have multiple devices charging at the same time up to maximum of 160W and not have to keep swapping them out individually.

Golabs R150 Multiple Devices
Golabs R150 Quick Charge

60W Quick Charging

With a Power Delivery of 60W from the USB input/output Type-C connecter you'll experience faster charging. The AC outlet charges equipment like a smartphone, tablet, camera, drone, laptop etc (Note: the output is limited to devices operating under 160W.

Golabs 60W Solar Panel

Good Charging Times

The ideal companions for the R150 are the Golabs 60W Solar Panel and the Golabs 100W Solar Panel so you can keep the unit and your equipment powered when out and away from the grid.


The R150 is an extremely compact, lightweight and versatile power station that packs a lot of power for its size, so you can take it virtually anywhere to keep your appliances working wherever you may be.

Golabs R150 Charge Capacity

You can find more information in the User Manual for this model.

Frequently Asked Questions

What can this device power?

This model supports devices with a power rating of less than 160W. Examples include phones, laptops, cameras, drones etc.

Can I put 120V in a 110V Outlet?

Yes, you should have no problem connecting an appliance rated at 120V to the 110V outlet.

What is the maximum solar input?

The maximum input power can reach 60W depending on sunlight strength. Golabs recommend the 60W solar panel or the 100W solar panel.

Can I take this power station on a plane?

Probably not. Ask your airline prior to flying as this model is rated at 204Wh, which is over the 100Wh limit commercial airlines currently allow without prior approval.

Can I use the power station while it is on charge?

Yes, it supports pass through charging on all outputs while charging except the PD 60W port.

Is it okay to plug a TV into this model?

Provided the TV is rated at under 160W, then yes you can.

Golabs R150 Manufacturer Specifications

Battery Capacity204Wh (3.2V/63750mAh)
Life Cycles2000
Battery TypeLiFePO4 Lithium
Item Dimensions7.5 x 6.7 x 4.7 inches
Item Weight5.5lbs
Operating Temperature14-104°F (-10-40℃)
Recharging Temperature32-104°F (0~40°C)
DC Input10.8 - 23.5V, 3A (5.5 x 2.1mm)
AC Output110V, 160W (200W Peak)
USB C 60W Input/ output20V/3A, 15V/3A, 12V/3A, 9V/3A, 5V/3A
QC 3.0 Output9~12V/3A, 6~9V/2A, 3.6~6V/3A, 5V/3A
USB Output5V/2.4A
DC Output12V, 10A (120 Watt Max)
Article written by Chris

2 comments on “Review of the Golabs R150”

  1. Thanks for the review. Just one question: Does the GoLabs R150 have built-in circuit protection - particularly over-voltage, over-current, over-temperature, and overcharging protection? Thanks for your time in answering my question. Jeff Belford.

    1. Hi Jeff, I don't believe this particular model has a Battery Management System to provide the kind of protection you mention. Although it is hard to find information about the provenance of any power station, probably because almost all are made in China, the Golabs line up of devices are I believe rebadged Chinese power stations made by a company called ZTGF. Regards, Chris

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