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Marbero 222Wh

Written by Chris on November 16, 2021


Review of the Marbero M440

Updated on: 29 November 2023 

– At A Glance –

Light and Compact

Ideal for outdoor activities, weighing just 5.51lbs and measuring 7.26L x 4.31W x 4.66H inches.

Multiple Outlets

A good selection of outlets and ports that includes 2 AC (200W/300W peak / surge), 5xUSB, and 5xDC ports.

3 Recharge Methods

Using Marbero 60W or Golabs 100W Solar Panels (sold separately), 2 included AC and car adapters.

Both an adventurer’s companion and a friend for the home

The Marbero M440 portable power station is a great option for campers and adventurers who enjoy the outdoor life away from utility power and need to stay connected. It is solar panel capable (available separately), so you can have the potential for virtually limitless power on tap.

It’s also a useful product to have on hand in case of any short-term emergency as it can provide a minimum of essential backup power in your home until utility power returns. For example, it can power a CPAP machine for up to 8 hours, and a mini-fridge for around 5 hours. And you’ll have plenty of LED light time from the 2 built-in flashlights when you need it.

Light, compact and safe

The unit is really compact and light, measuring 7.26L x 4.31W x 4.66H inches and weighing only 5.51lbs, meaning you can take it just about anywhere. The power output is clean and safe for sensitive electronics. It’s also free from harmful emissions.

Built to include a high-capacity battery and a battery management system

It contains a high-capacity and powerful 222Wh/60000mAh battery cell, which can support a wide range of electronic devices with a power rating under 200W (the peak / surge power is 300W). Just a couple of examples are that it can fully charge a mobile phone over 20 times and a laptop 5 times.

Besides solar panel power, the M440 can be charged using the 2 included adapters, one for a home AC outlet and the other a 12V car adapter.

A Battery Management System (BMS) ensures safety by monitoring and controlling voltage and temperature, as well as incorporating other advanced safety features such as automatic shutoff in cases of over-voltage or short-circuit. Temperatures of the unit’s power supply and electrical components are also cooled by vents on the rear of the unit.


For connections, the M440 is well-equipped with:

  • 1xQC3.0 USB Type-A (18W Max, 5~9V/2A)
  • 1xQC3.0 USB Type-C (18W Max, 5~9V/2A)
  • 3xUSB Type-A (5V, 4.6A Max)
  • 5xDC (9-12.6V/10A – 15A Max)
  • 2xAC (200W, Peak 300W Max)

3 Ways to Recharge

Out travelling out on the road you can recharge your Marbero using the included 12V car adapter. When camping or on an adventure trail the separately available solar panel charging feature is there so you can fully charge the unit in around 8-10 hours using, for example, a Golabs 100W or a Marbero 60W solar panel (paid links), both of which are optional.

A solar panel allows you also the possibility of almost continuous, though limited, power for your basic essentials during a power outage.

Marbero M440 Recharge Methods
Marbero M440 Light and Compact

Super Portable

Weighing just 5.5lbs and IP67 dust and water resistant almost anyone can carry this compact powerhouse around the house or away from home and the grid.

Having independent home power during an outage can be a life saver, especially for people who need it 24/7 for medical reasons.

Power Outlets

Ample power output ports are incorporated so you can charge multiple devices at the same time.

Merbero M440 Output Ports

Frequently Asked Questions

What can this device power?

The M440 is designed for portability and ease of use. It’s focussed on smaller devices under 200W, such as smartphones, laptops and the like. It cannot, for example, charge a truck battery or jump start a vehicle.

Is it safe to leave the unit plugged in?

Yes, you can leave the unit plugged in. However, the recommendation is to unplug the unit once it is fully charged.

Can I use a 200W Solar Panel with this model?

No, you should use either a 60W or a 100W Solar Panel. Marbero offer the ideal panels for this unit. These are the Marbero 60W, the Marbero 100W (when it is available) and other compatible solar panels.

Can I take this power station on a plane?

More than likely no as the Li-on battery size exceeds that permitted by the TSA for safety reasons.

Can I use the power station while it is on charge?

Yes, you can, though charging the power station itself will take a lot longer.

Can I use the unit outside when it’s raining?

The unit is water-resistant, but you shouldn’t use it in the rain. Light splashes are ok, but it’s best to keep it in a water-tight container.

Is the unit really noisy?

No, but it does have a cooling fan which is only really audible when standing close by.

Marbero 440 Manufacturer Specifications

Built-in Battery222Wh, 20Ah/11.1V (equivalent to 60000mAh, 3.7V)
Battery TypeUltra-high discharge rate Lithium-ion battery
Full Charge Time with AdapterAbout 9 hours
5xDC Output9-12.6V/10A Total: 15A Max
3xUSB A Output5V-2.1A, Max 4.6A
1xUSB A QC Output5-9V/2A Qualcomm QuickCharge 3.0
1xUSB C QC Output5V-9V/2A Qualcomm QuickCharge 3.0
2xAC Output110V / 60Hz, 200W (Peak max. 300W, modified sine wave)
Solar Panel (Not Included)15V~24V/1.2A
Battery Management System (BMS)Voltage and Temperature Control
Short Circuit ProtectionYes
Bulb Type2xSuper bright LED lights
Working Temperature14℉-104℉(-10℃-40℃)
Storage Temperature14℉-113℉(-10℃-45℃)
Product Size (LxWxH) - inches7.26L x 4.31W x 4.66H inches
Product Weight5.51lb
Package Size (LxWxH)13.97L x 7.79W x 8.46H inches
Package Weight7.60lb
Article written by Chris

2 comments on “Review of the Marbero M440”

    unfortunately it doesn’t have the users manual, there are variety of attachments and plugs
    that came with it. It also came with the solar panel with MARBERO name. I would like to know if there is a downloadable version of the manual that I can get, any information you could provide would be greatly appreciated, there is a cord that came with it, that i have no idea what it’s for.

    Thank You,
    Stephen W. Grant

    1. Hi Stephen,
      Such that it is, this seems to be the only downloadable PDF “manual” for the M440:
      I have asked the company to let let me a proper manual and will forward this when received.
      In terms of the connecter, I suspect it is the MC4 that you are referring to. If so, this is the cable that connects the MC4 plugs to the solar panel at one end, and the barrel plug either to the M440’s DC input or directly to charge a DC device (for which 10 adapters are also included).

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