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Rockpals RockPower PS300

Written by Chris on December 10, 2021


Review of the Rockpals RockPower PS300

Updated on: 29 November 2023 

– At A Glance –

300W Run-500W Peak

A powerful 208Wh lithium-ion battery pack is included to provide 300W continuous and 500W peak (surge) power.

Compact Portability

The PS300 weighs just 7.7lbs and measures only 10×5.3×8.5 inches so you take it virtually anywhere you want.

4 Recharge Methods

Rockpals 100/120W Solar Panels (optional), the supplied AC and car adapters, and a portable generator.

Robust design engineered to withstand the rigors of outdoor life

The PS300 is a super light weight power station weighing only 7.7lbs and measuring 10.5 x 5.3 x 8.5 inches. So, you can easily take this just about anywhere, for example out on the trail, on road trips and camping. It’s also a fair option to have on hand when you might need some independent power in your home just in case of short-term power outages or other untoward events.

The power output converts to a pure sine wave, meaning you can connect sensitive electronics without fear that fluctuations will cause any damage to the components. It’s also free from harmful emissions and noise, which are necessary evils with most, if not all, gas-powered portable generators.

Incorporates a high-capacity battery with in-built safety

This model has a 280Wh/78000mAh battery cell capable of delivering 300W continuous and and up to 500W peak power. And it has the capability of charging/powering up to 8 devices at the same time.

The power output is enough to fully charge or power a:

  • Phone 25x
  • GoPro 17x
  • Camera 15x
  • Mini-fridge for 4 to 5 hours
  • 10W lamp for 22 to 24 hours
  • 40W fan for around 6 hours
  • 40W mini refrigerator for about 10 hours

A Battery Management System (BMS) included in the unit maximizes battery discharge times and lengthens the useful life of the battery. The system ensures safe operation by monitoring and controlling voltage and temperature, as well as incorporating other advanced safety features such as automatic shutoff in cases of over-voltage or short-circuit. Temperatures of the unit’s power supply and electrical components are also cooled by an internal fan as well as venting in the unit’s case.

Recharging the unit

Rockpals PS300 Ways to Recharge

A combination of recharging methods allows for up to four means so you can take advantage of its maximum flexibility. Besides AC wall outlets, car cigarette socket, and solar charging, you can keep your PS300 charged while running a portable generator.

When using solar energy, the inclusion of professional MPPT technology gives you faster solar recharge rates when connected to Rockpals solar panels.

Choose from a wide variety of output connections

For connections, the Rockpals has an excellent set of connections, which include:

  • 1 pure sine wave 110V AC outlet (300W rated, 500W max)
  • 1 car port (12V/10A)
  • 2 DC ports (12V/5A)
  • 2 USB 5V/3.1A ports
  • 1 USB-A 3.0 Quick Charge port (18W max)
  • 1 USB-C PD output (20V/2.25A)

Multiple Outlets

Featuring 1xPure Sine Wave 110V AC outlet, 1xCar Port (12V/10A, 120W max), 2xDC Ports (12V/5A, 60W max), 2xUSB 3.1A, 1xQC Charge 3.0 USB and 1xUSB-C PD output (20V/1.5A, 30W max), the PS300 is able to charge small digital devices safely and effectively.

Rockpals RockPower PS300 Outlets
Rockpals RockPower PS300 Portability

Ready to Go When You Are

Weighing just 7.7lbs, this is one of easiest power stations to move around as well as being small enough to store away when not in use.

An independent source with potentially limitless energy using a solar panel can make outdoor activities so much more enjoyable and have the potential to be a life saver at home for people who depend on uninterrupted power for health reasons.

For more information on the PS300 have a look at the manual.

Frequently Asked Questions

What can this device power?

The PS300 is focussed on smaller devices under 300W, such as smartphones, drones, and laptops.

What’s the working time of a device?

Working time = (280.8Wh0.85)/power of the device. For a device rated at 30W the working time is 280.8Wh0.85/30W ≈ 8 hours.

Is it safe to leave the unit plugged in?

Yes, you can leave the unit plugged in. However, the recommendation is to unplug the unit once it is fully charged.

Which Solar Panel can I use with this model?

The recommendation is to use either the Rockpals 100W or 120W solar panels (paid links) for maximum efficiency and faster charging.

Can I take this power station on a plane?

No, as the Li-on battery size exceeds that permitted by the TSA for safety reasons and because of potential volatility of lithium-ion.

Does this support pass-through charging?

Yes, for the DC and USB outputs, but not the AC.

Can I use the unit outside when it’s raining?

Although the unit is water-resistant, you shouldn’t use it in the rain. Light splashes are okay, but to prevent malfunction and the risk of electrocution, secure it in a water-tight container.

Does it have a regulated power supply?

No, the PS300 does not have a regulated 12V supply like the Rockpals PS500.

Rockpals RockPower PS300 Manufacturer Specifications

Battery Capacity280. 8Wh/78000mAh
Cell TypeLithium-ion Battery
Working TemperatureCharge Temperature: 0℃~40℃
Discharge Temperature: -10℃~40℃
Safety ProtectionOverheating Protection
Over Current Protection
Over Voltage Protection
Short Circuit Protection
Input15V/3A 30W Max
USB-C PD Port: 5V/3A, 9V/3A, 12V/2.5A, 15V/2A, 20V/1.5A
1 × Car Port12V-10A
2 x 5mm DC Port 12V-5A
AC Output100-120V 60Hz (300W Rated, 500W Peak)
2 x USB Output5V/3.1A
USB-A QC Port5V/3A, 9V/2A
USB-C PD Port5V/3A, 9V/3A, 12V/2.5A, 15V/2A, 20V/1.5A
Optional AccessoryRockpals 100W Solar Panel
Rockpals Upgraded 100W Solar Panel
Dimensions (LxWxD)10.5 x 5.3 x 8.5 inches
Product Weight7.7 lb (3.5 kg)
What's In The Box1 x Rockpower 300 Portable Power Station
1 x AC Charging Adapter
1 x Car Charger Cable
1 x Warranty Card
1 x Safety Precautions Card
1 x User Guide
1 x Quick Start Card
Article written by Chris

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