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Accessories - Solar Panels

Why you need a Solar Panel

Though they do have some limitations, such as not being water-proof and are dependent on ambient weather, solar panels offer you the possibility of clean limitless power when out camping and trekking, or just away from the grid.

Here have a selection from the following makers of portable power stations:


A 200-watt monocrystalline solar panel with high conversion efficiency of up to 23.5%, ideal for Bluetti power stations.
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The versatile PV200 solar panel is equipped with the MC4 connector and has a high conversion efficiency of over 23%.
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A highly efficient quality solar panel The SP120 featuring 4 adjustable kickstands to easily to get power from the sun for better solar absorption.
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The PV120 is a perfect match for the BLUETTI EB55, EB70, AC50S portable power stations. It has a 120-inches long charging cable and is compatible with most solar generators.
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Jackery SolarSaga 100W

Easy to set up and featuring 2 kickstands, this durable solar panel from Jackery is highly efficient with a conversion rate of over 23%.
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Jackery SolarSaga 60W

A super lightweight solar panel, easy to use and setup with its adjustable kickstand, and compatible with Jackery's Explorer power stations.
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EcoFlow 110W

Designed to be used with most power stations, this EcoFlow model has a rubber handle and adjustable stand so you can get the maximum of sunlight.
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EcoFlow 160W

A top choice for many power stations on the market, weighing just 15.4lbs, this durable and waterproof solar panel has a highly efficient conversion rate.
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Marbero 30W

Supplied with 10 DC adapters to ensure compatibility with most power stations on the market and weighing a measly 2.7lbs, this is a solar panel you can take anywhere.
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Marbero 60W

A more powerful version of the Marbero 30W, this highly efficient model also comes with 10 DC adapters for maximum compatibility with available solar panels.
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Golabs 60W

A less powerful version of the Golabs 100W, this solar panel has a high conversion rate and multiple connectors to ensure it will work well with almost all available power stations.
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Rockpals 200W

Exceptional power to fast charge your power station, this tough and waterproof model from Rockpals is designed to get the maximum from any available sunlight. 
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Rockpals 120W

Compatible with most, if not all, suitable power stations and supplied with an Anderson connector especially for use with the Rockpals PS 500.
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Rockpals SP003 100W

With an assortment of 10 different connectors this solar panel can be used with lots of different power station brands, including Anker, Golabs and Jackery.
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Rockpals RP082 100W

Designed especially for ultimate compatibility to supply a powerful rate of charging capacity combined with a high conversion rate. 
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Rockpals SP002 60W

For those who don't need the higher charging capacity of other models, this 60W version is durable and waterproof, and is an ideal companion for all sorts of activities.
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Rockpals RP081 60W

This upgraded 60w solar panel takes just 4.5hrs and 6.5hrs to charge the Jackery Explorer 160 and 240 respectively and is compatible with some other power stations.
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FlashFish 50W

With USB Smart Charging Technology, this is a highly portable and lightweight solar panel, just the job for trekkers out in the wild.
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FlashFish 60W

This FlashFish incorporates an intelligent charging system and comes with a variety of connectors so you can use it with most power stations.
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AimTom 100W

Highly efficient and widely compatible with most power stations available on the market today, this powerful AimTom delivers unmatched reliability.
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AimTom 80W

A slightly less powerful model than AimTom's 100W, this 80W version has all the same features to keep your power station charged away from the grid.
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Westinghouse WSolar100p 100W

A perfect match for Westinghouse portable power stations, this solar panel  features a four-way adapter and lightweight, bifold design with a zippered accessory pouch that makes the set up fast and easy.
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Westinghouse WSolar60p 60W

Another Westinghouse solar panel that like its bigger brother is fitted with a plug-and-play four-way power cord that incorporates adapters for all of the Westinghouse line up of portable power stations.
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