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Anker 757 Portable Power Station

Written by Mike on June 19, 2022


Review of the Anker 757 PowerHouse

Updated on: 29 November 2023 

– At A Glance –

Huge 1500W Power

A 1228.8Wh LiFePO4 battery that’s able to deliver a massive 1500W of clean and steady output power.


The most advanced and longest-lasting power station available for today to power almost anything!

5-Year Warranty

Outdoing most of its competitors, the Anker 757 has a super long hassle-free warranty for peace of mind.


This is presently one of Anker’s newest and most powerful portable power stations equipped with a highly efficient lithium phosphate battery similar to that found in the most advanced electric cars such as the Tesla Model Y.

New to the market, the Model 757 is the world’s most advanced and longest-lasting power station. And, as you would expect, with its highly durable automotive-grade frame packed with high-tech components, this incredible device is no lightweight. In fact, at 43.9lbs and sporting an extra-long warranty of 5-years, it’s a real powerhouse that’s able to power a whole host of power-hungry appliances, including a microwave and a hot plate.

In addition, the Model 757 is one of the few power stations to have an Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) functionality, able to switch over from grid power in under 20 milliseconds to power station during a blackout or emergency, making it an ideal addition for those who depend for medical reasons on the availability of electrical power round the clock.

It is of course also the perfect companion for both serious camping trips as well as for wherever your RV adventures take you.

Ultra-Long-Lasting Portable Power Technology

Anker 757 Long Lasting Technology

With 3,000 battery cycles, the Model 757 has 6X more than the industry average for power stations. Imagine, that’s the equivalent of saying you can charge the device every day for 8 years without seeing any degradation in capacity.

The electronic components have a life expectancy of an amazing 50,000 hours, which is another ground-breaking statistic, being 5X the industry average, justifying its reputation as the longest-lasting power station on the market today. And to seal the deal, this device is backed by an industry-leading 5-year warranty.

Anker 757 with 3xAnker 625 Solar Panels

It incorporates an ultra-efficient chipset that intelligently controls the charging system, and with Anker’s patented HyperFlash Technology the device can be charged in a little over one hour leveraging Anker’s using an AC outlet, and up to 80$ capacity in only 3.6 hours when using 3 of the ideal solar panel companions for the Model 757, the Anker 625 100W, shown here. The device can also be recharged using a DC port.

Anker 625 Solar Panel

The Model 757 is also available as a package with 3 Anker 625 solar panels

Anker 757 Power Station and 3 solar panels

All the Power You Need on the Go

Anker 757 Outdoor Power

The Anker 757 Powerhouse is one of a kind, pushing the limits to new horizons. It’s the perfect companion for, if not all, of your outdoor needs while away from the grid camping or enjoying an RV adventure. And there is a Power Saving Mode so you can extend the standby time and minimize damage to the battery.

In your home, you’ll discover the Anker 757 can power all the basics and more that you need during an emergency or blackout.

Anker 757 Power For Your Home

An Excellent Set of Connection Ports

Anker 757 Connections

Able to charge just about anything, the Model 757 includes the following comprehensive selection of ports:

  • 6x120V Max 1500W AC Pure Sine Wave
  • 1xDC 12V 10A Max
  • 4xUSB-A 60W (5V/2.4A per port)
  • 2xUSB-C 100W

Eco-friendly clean indoor and outdoor power

Portable power stations cannot really be compared to portable generators, though there can be some overlap in their utility. Their advantages generally include light weight, clean power, safe usage, and they really do merit the description of portability. On the other hand, portable generators actually generate their power using a fuel, be it gasoline or LPG, and they can output far more power than a power station, bearing in mind that the process of combustion produces the toxic carbon monoxide gas while generating power and must be used in the open air well away for people.

Additionally, there is no need for you to worry about storing fuel safely, or about gas going bad and gumming up the carburetor, which is often a problem associated with gas-powered portable generators, which can often be mitigated using a fuel stabilizer.

People, for example, living in apartments may have little other choice than to have on hand a powerful power station, such as the Anker Model 757, to see them through blackouts and other emergencies.


Most manufacturers offer a limited 2-year warranty. Anker, on the other hand, are so confident about their product that their hassle-free warranty is for 5-years. Read more about Anker’s warranty policies.

Here is the User Manual for this model.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why does the battery drain even though nothing is connected?

A small amount of no-load power consumption occurs if the AC and Car Socket control button are turned on. To avoid this, please turn off these Sockets and charging button, or turn on the power saving mode when you’re not using the Power Station.

Can I use the power station while it is on charge?

Yes, and you can recharge the device even when it is charging other devices.

What kind of solar panel can I use?

Ideally you should obtain the Anker 625 Solar Panel, and for maximum effectiveness up to 3 of these can be used at the same time. Otherwise, you can use any 11-30V solar charger with an XT-60 female connector.

How quickly can I recharge with a solar panel?

Recharging times can be affected by ambient conditions, but in general you can expect about 3.6 hours to 80% capacity when connected to 3x 100W solar panels (dependent on amount of sunshine available).

Can I take this power station on a plane?

No. Lithium batteries can be volatile and because of their chemical composition can become unstable. Additionally, the total battery size far exceeds what is normally permitted (100Wh) by the TSA for reasons of safety.

Can I replace the battery?

No. The device’s internal battery is non-removable, and you should try to remove it as you may damage the device.

Anker 757 Manufacturer Specifications

Rated Capacity51.2V 24000mAh / 1228.8Wh
AC Input Voltage100-120V~ 12A Max, 50Hz / 60Hz
AC Input Power (Charging)1000W Max
AC Input Power (Bypass Mode)1440W Max
XT60 Input11-30V⎓ 10A (300W Max)
USB-C Output 15V⎓3A/ 9V⎓3A/ 15V⎓3A/ 20V⎓3A 20V⎓5A (100W Max)
USB-C Output 25V⎓3A/ 9V⎓3A/ 15V⎓3A/ 20V⎓3A (60W Max)
AC Output (Bypass Mode)100-120V~ 12A Max, 50Hz/60Hz, 1440W Max
AC Output (Inverter Mode)110V~ 13.64A, 50Hz/60Hz, 1500W Max
USB-A Output5V⎓2.4A ( 2.4A Max Per Port )
Car Charger Output12V⎓10A
Discharging Temperature-4°F-104°F / -20°C-40°C
Charging Temperature32°F-104°F / 0°C-40°C
Size18.2x11.3x9.3 inches
Article written by Mike

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