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Written by Chris on June 28, 2023


Review of the Bluetti EB3A

Updated on: 29 November 2023 

– At A Glance –

Power to Size

600W of continuous power plus 1200W of surge power delivered from a 268.8Wh lithium battery.

4 Charge Modes

Flexible charging modes, with AC wall outlet, Solar Panels, car port, and a portable generator.

9 Power Outlets

9 power outputs – 2xAC 120V (max 600W), 1xPD Type-C, 2xUSB-A, 1xCar Port, 1xwireless, and 2xDC.

UPS Capability

Goes into action in just 20ms when grid power goes down to keep your vital devices powered up.

Overview of the EB3A

Advertised as “Tiny But Mighty”, the Bluetti EB3A weighs a miserly 10.14lbs and is rated for 600W. “Power Lifting Mode” raises this to 1200W, but in doing so removes the inverter pure sine wave so shouldn’t be enabled when connecting to more sensitive electronics.

Nevertheless, it’s an ideal companion to keep your essential devices powered either while you are out and about or when you are in your home and the power suddenly goes down. A powerful flashlight should help when in the dark.

It’s capable of being charged to 80% in just 30 minutes. And a built-in MPPT controller can support up to 200W of solar input, which can provide almost limitless power.

This model is one of the few that can act as an Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) to protect your computers from data loss or damage.

You should note that while a solar cable is included in the box, a 12V DC cable must be purchased separately.

Safer LiFePO4 battery Technology

bluetti eb3a lifepo4 battery

The device comes with LiFePO4 lithium battery technology which is less prone to the kind of volatility normally associated with Li-ion batteries. And the battery array installed in the EB3A is ultra last-longing and will maintain 80% of its original capacity even after more than 2500 cycles, far longer than other more traditional lithium-ion power stations.

And this enhanced safety is managed by a Battery Management System (BMS).

bluetti eb3a battery management system

Clear Digital Display

bluetti eb3a clear digital display

You will know the exact state of the EB3A and its power remaining thanks to its clear and comprehensive digital display.

bluetti eb3a versatile recharging

The AC charger is built into the power station, which avoids the need for an external and bulky brick-style AC wall charging unit.

Bluetti PV200 Solar Panel

Solar Charging

The EB3A can support either the SP200 or PV200 200W solar panels from Bluetti for the fastest charging times. These panels have a conversion efficiency of up to 23.4% and perform better than polycrystalline solar panels in low-light conditions.

The Versatility of Multiple Power Outputs

bluetti eb3a outlets and device charging times

Numerous Outlets

The EB3A is equipped with 9 power outlets to match a whole set of your equipment. They are made up of 2xAC 110V (max 600W), 1xPD Type-C (100W), 2xUSB-A, 1xCar Port, 1XWireless Charger, and 2xDC5521.

The Bluetooth App

With the BLUETTI App you can manage your home energy storage systems (ESSs) from anywhere, anytime. It allows you to monitor your energy usage, solar power data, and battery status, and even control charging and discharging.

The App available via Apple’s App Store or Android’s Play Store on the internet.

You can find more information in the User Guide for this model.

Frequently Asked Questions

What can this device power?

The EB3A can power most of your appliances under 600W. If you enable Power Lifting mode in the BLUETTI app, it can run your heating devices up to 1200W, such as heaters and irons.

How long is the life of the battery in this model?

All lithium-ion batteries degrade over time when recharged too often. However, the EB3A has LiFePO4 battery technology and will last for more than 2500+ cycles.

Can I use a 200W Solar Panel with this model?

Yes, for example the Bluetti SP200 solar panel is an ideal option for the EB3A.

Can I use third-party solar panels?

Yes, it’s possible to use third-party panels, but be sure to first verify that they meet the required specifications.

Can I use the power station while it is on charge?

Yes, the EB3A supports pass-through charging. It has a premium LiFePO4 battery array and a proprietary Battery Management System to ensure it can safely charge and discharge at the same time.

How loud is this model?

You’ll be surprised how quiet the EB3A is in operation.

Bluetti EB3A Manufacturer Specifications

Battery Capacity268.8Wh (12Ah)
Battery TypeLiFePO4
AC Power Output600W
AC Surge Output1200W
Lifecycles2500+ Cycles to 80% Original Capacity
Battery Management System (BMS)Short Circuit Protection, Voltage and Temperature Control
Inverter TypePure Sine Wave
DC OUPUT (All Regulated)
Cigarette Lighter Port12VDC 10A
DC5521 x 2 ports12VDC 10A
USB -A x 25V 3A
USB-C x 1100W Max
Wireless Charging x 15/7.5/10/15W
Net Weight10.14lbs 4.6kgs
Size: (inches)10.04x7.09x7.20 inches
Warranty24 Months
Operating Temperature:0-40°C
AC Charging Cable (Turbo Mode 350W):≈1.3-1.8 Hours
AC Charging Cable (Standard Mode 268W):≈1.5-2.0 Hours
Solar (200W):≈1.8-2.0 Hours (With prime sunshine, ideal orientation and low temperature)
12V/24V Car Outlet (100W/200W):≈3.2-3.7 or 1.9-2.4 Hours
AC + Solar (430W):≈1.2~1.7 Hours (With prime sunshine, ideal orientation and low temperature)
Dual AC (430W):≈1.2~1.7 Hours (With optional BLUETTTI T200 Adapter)
Article written by Chris

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