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Bluettii EB70s

Written by Chris on November 17, 2021


Review of the Bluetti EB70S

Updated on: 29 November 2023 

At A Glance

800/1400W Peak

A 716Wh battery delivers 800W continuous power, ideal for a mini-fridge, air pump, laptop etc.

4-Mode Charging

Flexible enough to meet your needs, AC wall outlet, solar panel, 12V car socket, and portable generator.

Light & Compact

At 21.4lbs, you can take the AC70s just about anywhere, such as camping and anywhere away from the grid.

Multiple Ports

Various outlets and ports, including 4×110/120V AC Outlets , 2x100W USB-C, and much more.

Welcome to a new generation of portable power stations

The model EB70s comes from a new generation of smart and powerful portable power stations which incorporates the highest level of security so you can be assured of maximum safety.

Backup power for on and off-grid

It has a large 716Wh capacity and 800 rated continuous wattage and 1400W peak (surge), making it an ideal power station for appliances like mini-fridges, air pumps, laptops, laptops, and much more.

Stable power for sensitive electronics

The power station has four Pure Sine Wave AC outlets for appliances up to 800W, which will protect devices containing sensitive electronics by producing standard 110V electricity. This is far more efficient when compared to the less expensive modified wave outlet with which many modern electronics will fail to work properly, if at all.

LiFeP04 premium battery pack for increased safety and longevity

The chemical nature of the LiFePO4 battery fitted to the EB70s makes it not only one of the safest around, but it also has a longer life due to its 2500+ life cycles, after which the charging process will still attain an 80% capacity.

Safety and performance are further enhanced with the addition of a Battery Management System (BMS). This improves battery utilization and extends its service life through automatic protection measures against short circuit, excess current and overload, overvoltage, and overheating.

2XPD 100W ports for super fast charging

Bluetti have specially designed the EB70s with two 100-watt PD outlet ports so you can charge your electronic devices fitted with a Type-C port really quickly. For example, the battery in your phone, iPad and laptop can reach 80% within just half an hour, allowing you to make maximum use of your valuable time.

And with a maximum input of 200W, combined with advanced MPPT technology, you can be assured of faster solar recharge rates. The EB70s can be fully recharged in under 6 hours with the Bluetti SP200 Solar Panels, in under 5 hours using an AC wall outlet, and in around 7 hours on a 12V car port.

Charge multiple devices at the same time

In addition to the 4x110V Pure Sine Wave AC outlets and the 2x100W PD ports mentioned above, you have a wide selection of ports, which include 2x5V/3A USB-A ports, 2x REGULATED 12V/10A DC outputs, 1x12V/10A car port for car accessories, and 1x15W wireless charging pad.


This compact and highly portable model is backed up by Bluetti’s 2-year warranty.

Versatile Recharge

Four charging modes are provided so you can easily keep the unit charged to power your appliances and equipment wherever you are, at home or enjoying the freedom away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

EB70s 4 Charge Modes
Bluetti SP200 Solar Panel

Solar Charging

The sturdy, foldable and compact Bluetti SP200 200W Solar Panel (paid link), weighing in at 14.3lbs, with a high conversion efficiency in low light conditions makes a perfect match for the EB70s and offers fast solar charging when camping or trekking away from the grid.

Power Outlets

With a wide variety of outlets, you can power up to 12 devices at the same time, always remembering to remain within the power rating of the EB70s.

EB70s Charge 12 Devices
Power Durations of the Bluetti EB70s

Appliance Power Capabilities

Ready to power a whole range of electrical appliances both out on the trail as well as in the home whenever required.

You can find more information in the User Guide for this model.

Frequently Asked Questions

What can this device power?

The EB70s is rated for 800W continuous and 1400W momentary surge, so most equipment within its rated capabilities.

Can I use this as a UPS?

Not advisable as connected devices will no longer receive power if the power station becomes fully discharged for any reason.

Can I use a 200W Solar Panel with this model?

Yes, in fact the Bluetti SP200 200W Solar Panel is the recommended partner for the EB170s.

Is the battery user replaceable?

No, the lithium battery cannot be replaced by the user.

What is the provided solar charger cable?

The cable is a DC7909 Male to MC4 connector, and is 60 inches/150 cm in length.

Can I take this power station on a plane?

No, the lithium battery size exceeds that permitted by the TSA for safety reasons.

Can I use the power station while it is on charge?

Yes, it outputs power even when the unit is being charged. But please note that the charging time of the unit will be longer.

Will this model power a CPAP?

Yes, you should have no difficulty powering such as device as long as it is within the rated power of the EB70s.

Is the unit really silent?

The unit has a cooling fan that is only really audible when standing very close to it. Some models have an AC adapter that also incorporates a cooling fan.

Bluetti EB70S Manufacturer Specifications

Battery Capacity716Wh
Battery Management System (BMS)Extended Battery Life, Short Circuit / Overcurrent / Overvoltage/ overload / overheating protection
Battery Cell TypeLiFePO4
Advanced MPPT Max Solar Panel Input 200W
Life Cycles2500+
Outputs4xAC Outputs: 100-120V, 800W (1400W Surge) Pure Sinewave
1xCar Port: DC 12V,10A
2xDC Outputs: 12V, 10A, 5.5mm x 2.1mm
2xUSB-A Outputs: 5V,3A
2xType-C PD Outputs: 100W
1xWireless Charging Pad: 15W
Size inches12.6 x 8.5 x 8.7
Warranty24 Months
Article written by Chris

One comment on “Review of the Bluetti EB70S”

  1. Hi. As a regular consumer, I fell for the great reviews of this unit expecting it to be better than my Jackery Explorer 1000 and certainly better than my Jackery 160. I bought this unit back in July and at first, I didn’t find much to criticize. I’m not sure if something changed in it, or I simply was not evaluating it with an unbiased outlook.
    Lately, I use it to run my laptop at around 13 watts, and I assumed that, even with 550 usable watt hours, I should get 42 -45 hours before charging. I presently get only around 10 hours before I have to charge it. My Jackery Explorer 160 (yes, that’s 167 watt hours) runs it more than 11 hours.
    I also noticed a change in the time it takes to charge the unit with a solar panel. In the beginning, it seemed to take 6 hours in the summer sun. Now, it is re-charged in less than 3 hours. I don’t know what happened, but something is wrong.
    Supposedly, it has a 2 year warranty but if the folks at Bluetti do not allow you to make a claim, that is not worth the paper it is written on. Their phone system will not allow you to talk to a human (all mailboxes are full) and they ignore service request in e-mail.
    Do yourself a favor and do not buy this junk.

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